Your Boss’s Politics

You don’t have to agree with your boss’s political leanings but you should know what those leanings are and be able to discuss them in general terms.  Some people are so caught up in their politics that it colors everything that they do.  Here’s an example:

I was at a networking event with my boss in which we were standing around shooting the bull with a longtime client and a vendor that was working on a project with us and the client.  Let’s call the vendor Mike.  We had been using Mike for years and he has never let us down.  The product is always on time and competitively priced.

During this conversation Mike made an offhand remark that happened to be counter to the political leanings of my boss.  There was an awkward pause in the conversation but it soon got back on track and we moved on.  No big deal, right?

Wrong.  The next week my boss came to me and stated in no uncertain terms that we are not to do business with Mike in the future.  He’s “not a team player”. Ouch.  Don’t be a Mike.