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Are you a manager or have aspirations to be one?  Have you been well trained in the art and science of managing people?  It’s unlikely.  In 2016, 87% of millennials said that  professional development or career growth opportunities were very important. But only 21% of employees feel that they are managed in a motivating way.  

The problem I’ve found is that a lot of folks get promoted to a management position and are then left to their own devices to figure out what that means and how to do it successfully.  This is unfortunate.  Back in the early 20th Century, companies put together comprehensive career succession plans.  When you went to work at 22, right out of college, that’s where you stayed and made the best of it.  The quality of this career management was hit or miss. Some organizations, like Procter & Gamble and IBM, did a great job.  Others, like Carrian Group and Polly Peck-not so much.  You may not have heard of these companies-because they didn’t survive.  

I’m here to help you take control of your career and put you on a path to success.  A lot of management and leadership advice is big on feel-good stories and excitement and short on specific, actionable steps to actually make you a successful manager.  You won’t find that here.  I’ll give you stories and anecdotes, but only to illustrate a specific action or idea that I want you to understand.  

This information will help you no matter where you are on your career track.  Whether you’ve just begun and need basic instructions on how to get people to do what you say, or if you’re a seasoned pro that’s looking for a refresh and some ways to get better at what you’re already doing, I’m here to help.

This site is called Simplified Management. I’m not going to tell you that management is easy-It’s not.  Nor is it always intuitive.  I take the hard and complex business of management and simplify it to allow you to understand the reasons why it’s more effective to do THIS as opposed to THAT; Why you should say X in this situation and Y in this other one.  

My basic philosophy can be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Know Your Team
  2. Know Your Boss
  3. Know Your Organization
  4. Know Your Role

These are the big buckets into which I put all of my training and recommendations.  With everything that I discuss, my goal for you is to come away with specific, actionable steps that you can take that will lead you to a place of higher productivity for both you and your team. Let’s start down the path towards simplified management, higher productivity, and success.

Want to jump right in?  The best place to start is right here.

I’d love to get to know you.  Email me at tim@simplifiedmanagement.com or sign up for my weekly newsletter here.


Tim Bartholomew