Be Consistent

Hi Guys!

I’m Tim Bartholomew with

Do you hold your team accountable for the work that they do?

If so, have you trained them ahead of time and let them know what your expectations are so that there is no confusion or bad feelings later?

If you don’t hold your team accountable, why not?

If you let things slide on a regular basis, the next time that you want (or really need) to get on to them about something, they won’t be ready for it.

That leads to resentment and poor performance.

So be consistent.

Your team will appreciate it and you’ll get better results.

Think about how frustrated you get when your boss or your customer changes their requirements.

You get ticked off, don’t you?

Well, your team is the same as you.

They’re real people that don’t always act rationally.

So hold your team accountable

Every time.

You won’t regret it.