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Know Your Role

Be Consistent

Do you hold your team accountable for the work that they do?

If so, have you trained them ahead of time and let them know what your expectations are so that there is no confusion or bad feelings later? […]

Know Your Organization

If You Don’t Train Your People in Your Company Culture…

The point is this:  everyone has an idea in their head about what your company culture is.  It’s your job to make sure that everyone’s thoughts and actions align with you.  In marketing, they have what’s referred to as the “Rule of 7” which states that a prospect needs to hear the advertiser’s message seven times before they are likely to take action.  As a manager, you’re selling your culture to your staff every day.  Sell them something worthwhile. […]

Know Your Team

Activities for Getting to Know Your Team Better

Collaboration between members of your team can mean the difference between a good team and a great team. Even if every member of your team is producing at peak capacity (and let’s face it, they’re not), the team as a whole could still be more effective if they work better together. Managing a team, especially a team of creatives, can be equated to herding cats. They’re all great, but they’re also doing their own thing. What can you, as the manager, do to encourage and enhance the collaboration and communication of your team? […]

Know Your Role

New Manager-What Now?

You’ve just been promoted.  Congratulations.  Do you know what to do now?  I didn’t.  When I first became a manager I was completely in over my head.  Talk about “impostor syndrome”.  I was so clueless that I didn’t even know who reported to me and who didn’t.
But now, after leading multiple teams and hundreds of people, I can tell you exactly… […]

Know Your Team


About 7 years ago, I found a better way to manage people: a proven way to relationship with my staff that gets results and addresses every single pain point that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. That is having a weekly one-on-one meeting with each team member for which I am responsible.  Oh great!  You’re saying “more meetings”. Well, yes and no.  These one-on-one meetings (if done correctly) will reduce the need for other meetings and make every other bit of your week more productive. […]